Roger Styrén

It is always difficult to write about yourself but I will give it a try.

About myself

Somewhere in Serengeti, Tanzania. December 2011

On ski holliday at Hardangervidda, Norway. February 2011

I have a background as engineer but find it more interesting to work with project control and financial issues instead.  Something I have done for over 20 years now.  This have been taking me to may interesting places on our globe: Iran, Russia, USA  and UK among others.

I am now holding a position as Senior Project Control Manager at Reinertsen AB in Sweden after nearly 4 year in Norway.

I am convinced about that my engineering background has given me a better understanding for many of the problems an engineer may face during all different phases in a project than an accountant whitout any technical background can do.


My family is very essential for me and I am very much involved in my kids and their activities. My son has started his first year at Lund Univerity Law School. My daughter has another 2 year before she starts at univerity.

I bought a horse last year in order to improve my riding skill in dressage.

We spend most of the summer at our summer house on Orust, an island at the westcoast of Sweden.


As I have been travel a lot I do not have any objections working abroad for longer or shorter periods.

One other interest I have is IT. I always try to find solutions or more effeciant way to do things and computers are a great in this aim. Click here for more details.


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