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Below you will find some of the interesting offshore projects I have been involved in. For other interesting jobs or projects please click here. Would you like to have my CV? Please send me an e-mail and I will revert back to you with a copy.

The unit is a pure production and quarter's semi-submersible (PQ). It is designed for the Atlantis Field in the Gulf of Mexico. It has favorable motion characteristics for SCR fatigue. The accesses to all production risers are vertical. A large deck area for storage of cargo is also provided.

The  original scope of work for GVA was to design the hull. The scope was increased to include site support during construction, commissioning  and  installation support. I was cost control manager and responsible for change management. 

The design work was done in Gothenburg and Houston. Client was located in Houston. Several trips to USA


BP´s Atlantis production unit                  Cost Control Manager

List of Projects

Balmoral                                                                  Interface Engineer

The first ever purpose built FPS based on a semi-submersible design was the GVA 5000 dedicated for the Balmoral field development in the North Sea.

The Balmoral unit is a combined production, work-over drilling and diving facility. It has a production capacity of 60,000 BOPD and 100,000 BWPD.

West Hercules and West Aquarius are the 6th generation type of drilling rigs equipped with the latest available drilling equipment. Built at DSME shipyard in Korea to DNV class and all relevant authorities requirements including important parts of NORSOK.

The rigs have got top modern life saving equipment installed and the living quarters are meeting the stringent Norwegian requirements.

Operation area is world wide, from mild to harsh environment.

Operation water depth is 100 - 500 meter in thruster assisted chain mooring mode and 100 - 3000 meter in dynamic positioning, DP3 mode. 

West Hercules                                           Project Control Manager

Balmoral production unit at location in North SeaWest Hercules at construction yard, DSME, in Korea.

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The drilling rig Iran Alborz in position for the inclination test.

IRAN ALBORZ                                                        Contract Manager

This is a project with a long story. The unit is built in Iran, Neka at the Caspian Sea. I was there to discuss some contractual matters with the client but had the possibility to assist the engineers during the inclination test.

Construction company                                                            Manager

Department manager at a construction company with 40 empl. Responsible for all construction work.

The unit is a pure production semi-submersible unit based on the relible GVA design. Åsgard B is a field operated by Statoil and located west Trondheim in Norway. Morvin is a satelite feild to be tied in to Åsgard. Reinertsen AS was awarded the contract for all phases, engineering, construction, procurement and installation. A major part of the fabrication was done at Reinertsen´s workshops in Murmansk, Russia.

As Project Control Manager my responsibility is to manage the Planning, Cost, Change Management and DC function through all pahases.

Planned start of production is August 1.2010 

Morvin Tie in to Åsgard B                      Project Control Manager

Site Manager for Reinertsens AS project TCM Mongstad. This is a project initiated by Norweigian Goverment and Statoil to test 2 different teqnologies for capture of CO2. Total no of direct (blue collor) hours for installation is approx 450 000. Completion date January 27.2012.

You can see a short film on youtube by clicking on this link.

TCM Mongstad                                                                 Site Manager



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